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At Autotest Service Centre, we offer a full range of LPG conversions, servicing and repairs. We can convert almost any vehicle to run on LPG, and have a range of popular systems to suit most vehicle makes and models. An LPG conversion can save you big money over the life of your vehicle, and is economical, secure and better for the environment.

Choosing an appropriate LPG system for your vehicle

At Autotest Service Centre, we offer a diverse range of quality, professionally-installed LPG systems. We offer a range of LPG systems to suit most vehicle makes and models, including custom performance-orientated designs.

Our LPG conversions include traditional air valve LPG systems, emission-certified sequential vapour injection LPG systems and liquid injection LPG systems. We offer a number of vehicle-manufacturer-endorsed, -supplied and -guaranteed installations, including the fitting and installing of state-of-the-art liquid injection systems. If we don’t have the vapour or liquid LPG system you’re after, we can even design and have certified an LPG system to suit your needs.

Choosing from such a diverse product range sometimes may be a bit confusing.

At Autotest Service Centre, we understand that every vehicle and every driver is different. We’ll take the time to make sure you understand the benefits and drawback of each type of LPG system and what to expect from your new LPG-powered car, so you can make the most informed decision possible.

1.)The choice of system type not only includes engine conversion equipment, but also LPG cylinder location, capacity, space and convenience.

2.) Options of gas cylinders may include traditional style cylinders (bracketed and model specific) or toroidal (donut) style cylinders, these can be vehicle-specific or generic to the LPG system.

3.)Our major cylinder supplier, APA Manufacturing Australia – who design and supply model-specific, tailor-made cylinders to Ford and Holden assembly lines – also have an impressive range of model specific manifold cylinders (scuba tanks) for Ford Territory, Falcon station wagon, etc.

For more information about top quality LPG conversions, contact Autotest Service Centre today.

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