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If a child restraint is not fitted properly, then it may not protect your child in a crash.

We are an approved child restraint fitting station. We can help you to install your child restraint or booster seat properly. Here our trained installers will fit your restraint, check that it is installed correctly or fit an anchorage point to your vehicle if you need one. We can also give you advice should you need to relocate the seat to a different vehicle.


The Law

All children should be seated in a suitable restraint when traveling in a car for their own safety. Adult seatbelts do not offer sufficient protection for babies and children and an appropriate child restraint must be used until your child reaches 7 years (generally at about 26kg in weight).

By law, you are required to use a car safety restraint for your baby and the restraint must meet the Australian Standard.

Pricing Monday to Friday $45

Bookings Essential! Please call us to book (fittings are normally completed in approx 15 mins, you are welcome to refreshments while you wait)

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