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Having your auto overhauled frequently is pivotal in guaranteeing its safe operation, dependability, and economy.

What is logbook servicing?

A logbook benefit is an extensive service that analyzes your vehicle in the way that the maker planned. In connection to general overhauling, engine vehicle merchants are qualified for the demand that any service performed on autos they offer is completed by qualified staff, as indicated by the producer’s particulars, and utilizing honest to goodness or proper quality parts where required. Given these conditions are met, your guarantee will stay in place, paying little mind to where you get your auto overhauled.

Why pick Autotest Service Center for your next logbook benefit?

We’ll guarantee all checks, measures, and substitution benefit things are completed in correct agreement with how the manufacturer expected. This amounts to nothing is left to possibility and nothing is overhauled or supplanted superfluously. We offer a focused rate and can do a logbook benefit on any new or utilized car as per the producer’s particulars.

At Autotest Service Center we have what it takes and ability to keep up your auto in incredible condition, utilizing quality parts and oils, all performed by qualified professionals and secured by our 100% certification.

Is your car due for a service?

If your car is due for a logbook service or needs any kind of mechanical repair, then call us on 03 9431 0500 to book a service, or pop in for a visit.

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