Auto Test is your local LPG specialist. We are AAFRB compliant, meaning we are fully licensed to work on LPG fueled vehicles. Our technicians are highly experienced and up to date with all modern LPG standards. We can carry out full conversions with a system best suited to yours and your vehicle’s needs. We can work on most systems and have the software to connect with most LPG brands.

Is your LPG tank compliant?

Every LPG tank has a ten-year compliance date. We can have your tank tested and updated to new standards for a fraction of the price of a new tank.

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Get a RACV Vehicle Inspection before you decide to buy

We conduct RACV Vehicle Inspections across Melbourne. Our experts know what to look for so we can give you the green light to go ahead with your purchase. You can arrange to have the car brought in to our workshop OR we can come to you for a mobile inspection at no additional cost.

You will receive a report on the overall condition of the vehicle based on a visual examination. This service does not provide a roadworthy certificate. If you are looking for a roadworthy certificate please look at our Roadworthy page.

RACV offers two types of retail vehicle inspections

Pre-purchase: suitable if you are purchasing a passenger vehicle. RACV members receive a 30-day mechanical guarantee (see below).

Comprehensive: thoroughly checks more components of the vehicle than a pre-purchase inspection. Also suitable for vehicles coming out of warranty. Members receive a 30-day mechanical guarantee (see below). Recommended for 4WD, commercial or luxury vehicles.

What you receive with a vehicle inspection

Once a RACV vehicle inspection has been conducted on the vehicle, you will be provided with an inspection report. This report is designed to inform you of the overall condition of the vehicle based on a visual external examination of components only – components are not dismantled to examine internal parts.

Each area inspected is marked with a symbol referring to the state of the part/location on the car. The symbols used are:

 Severity Interpretation
Immediate Immediate attention is required
Early Early attention is required
Observation Observation only

Purchase recommendation

On your inspection report, a ‘traffic light guide’ provides a purchase recommendation based on the condition of the vehicle at the time of the inspection. The purchase recommendation is subject to the inspection information provided to you in the inspection report and folder. Please remember, the buying choice is yours.

STOP: The repairs required and/or the likely risk to future reliability could make a purchase of this vehicle an uneconomical proposition for long-term ownership unless it is intended for restoration and costs are not a consideration.

CAUTION: When the items reported are repaired effectively, the vehicle should provide reliable service. All defects should be costed for repair prior to purchase.

GO: Where items have been reported, they should only require routine service, adjustment and/or service replacement to ensure the future reliability of the vehicle. These should be costed prior to the purchase of the vehicle.

Please note: There are some vehicles we cannot inspect or are only suitable for a comprehensive inspection – e.g., some prestige vehicles and imported vehicles. Such vehicles will be identified at the time of booking.

 RACV’s 30-day mechanical guarantee following a retail vehicle inspection

This is available exclusively to RACV members. If a mechanical fault is found within 30 days that was not identified in the inspection report, you will receive a reimbursement towards the cost of the repair. See RACV website for full terms & conditions.

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